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Post by SteelBiteOG on Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:33 pm

IGN: SteelbiteOG
Time Zone: GMT
How Long Have You Player MC: 3 years now
How Long Have You Player CorruptPvP: 4 months now
How Would You Handle Someone Who Keeps Cursing: I say in chat Stop, if he keeps on saying it or says stfu to me I will kick him if he comes back I will give him a tempban for 10 mins and I will report to a higher staff member and I will take a screenshot for proof and msg you in Skype to tell you
How Would You Handle Someone Younger Then You: People much younger than me, I would ask them are they good at pvp, do they need help with the server, younger people don't really know as much so you need to tell them all the rules. As for younger people can go a bit mean talking to people in chat as they think they are invisible. if any younger person picks on ANYONE in the server its a insta 1 week tempban from me. As for the higher staff they would decide to keep the player on the tempban or leave him on the ban. As for me all people on the server at treated equal so no one gets special treatment.
How Much Time Can You Contribute Every Day: I can do 4-5 hours maybe more on a weekday. if I don't have stuff on about 7 hours. weekend all day if needed.
How Long Are You Usually On Daily: well right now about 3 hours a day I could do more but there is no one to talk to when I am online.
Why Do You Want Helper: I want to be helper as I am a very nice person to everyone on the server, staff and members. I am Very good at building so I could build new spawns, new shops , new parkour ( if needed ) and new pvp arenas as this is a pvp server. I fell I can offer a lot to this server as I could ask my friends to join so we could boost the numbers online everyday. I found most people who are accepted to staff once they get it they sit back and don't do as much hard work as they said they would on their app but for me I was true to my word you will get ALL hours out of mean and me helping chat making it clean , recording hackers I have DieBridge which is my recording system which can take 20 mins vid so im good for a pvp battle.
Do You Have Skype (Yes Or No Don't Give Skype. If Accepted an Admin Will Ask You For Your Skype): Yes I do have Skype if we every get TeamSpeak I have an acc too.
Do You Have A Microphone: yes microphone on my pc and on my 2 headphones never without a mic or I always have a backup if one gets broken
Can You Record: Yes as I said early I have a system called DieBridge, I can record vid for 20 mins so I would able to record any vids of hacker. ( if their are any hackers when im done ) if I found a hacker and recording him I would sent the vid to a higher staff member on Skype, Post on the forums with my proof and why I think he hacked.
Age: I'm 13 years old
Any Thing Else You Think We Need To Know: if I don't get accepted that will not effect my gameplay on this great server. I love pvp and I could teach new pvpers how to be good when to use a sword and a axe when to eat a gapple when to drink your pots. I can teach a lot to the new members when they join. when I new member joins I ask them to read the rules. and if they wanted to they could join the forums and talk with us on them. As for that you staff team rn are great some good people. always do their job have a good laugh with and a chat. and I would like to tell you Corruption will always be legends. Have a nice day and thank you for readying my app.

-SteelbiteOG Very Happy

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Staff application  Empty Re: Staff application

Post by Poot_ on Thu Aug 06, 2015 2:48 pm


Please PM an Admin Your Skype Information

If An Admin Does Not Receive Your Skype Information Within 24 Hours You Will Not Accepted Or Receiving Tags.

Congrats and Welcome To The Staff Team!

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