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Post by SteelBiteOG on Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:02 pm

Welcome new players this is the corrupt forums. On the forums we hope for a clean and happy place.we would like if you read the rules first before you post a new topic thank you. Obeying staff os a key in forums, if you obey staff and treat them well they will treat you will if you get angry with a staff member please do not you language and either him/her that is nit the way to deal with it. Have a discussion with that staff member and tell them why you fell. Angry at them. If any staff member abuses use please post a thread in the staff abuse section. If you case is not accepted don't worry please continue playing the server and forgot a out what happen you will enjoy it more. We would like to see you more around the forums new members and we hope you enjoy your stay with us from me I hope this Thread helped you, have a good day


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