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Post by BostonPla7z on Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:04 pm

IGN: BostonPla7z
Time Zone: PST
How Long Have You Played MC: 2 Years
How Long Have You Played CorruptPvP: 1 Month
How Would You Handle Someone Who Keeps Cursing: Say stop and if they don't stop kick them and if they don't stop contact a admin to help you
How Would You Handle Someone Younger Then You: Help them out ask them if they know around the server. Ask if you want to PVP against them. If they think they could be mean to anyone tempban them
How Much Time Can You Contribute Every Day: 4-5 hours on week days on the weekend 6-7 hours
How Long Are You Usually On Daily: 4-7 Hours a day
Why Do You Want Helper: I want helper because i am very active on this server. I am really nice and fun with member and staff. I am willing to PVP anyone. I am not a sore loser I still say gg when i lose and i will still be nice to them even if they beat me. I could help new people around the server like what the warps are and what the best places are to pvp and watch pvps. I am a hard worker and i would do anything for the server.
Do You Have Skype (Yes Or No Don't Give Skype. If Accepted an Admin Will Ask You For Your Skype): Yes
Do You Have A Microphone: Yes
Can You Record: Yes
Age: 11
else You Think We Need To Know: If i dont get accepted i would not stop playing on this server i will still pvp. I will still be as active as i am on the server. I will still PVP every day like i do and i will not hate corruption or Corrupt PVP.

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Post by Poot_ on Fri Aug 07, 2015 8:25 pm


You Have Been Denied For OverPosting You're Application, This Post Will Be Deleted In 12 Hours. You Have Posted 1 Application and It Was Denied. You Cannot Post Another Application Within 2 Weeks of Denial. You Posted Once More Then That One Was Moved To Archived. You Posted This One. All Three Applications Will Be Denied. If You Post One More No Applications Made By You Will Be Looked At. Please Don't OverPost.

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