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Post by Pigly Wigly on Fri Aug 07, 2015 4:54 pm

Time Zone:Est.
How Long Have You Played MC:1 and a half years
How Long Have You Played CorruptPvP:From the start of the server
How Would You Handle Someone Who Keeps Cursing:Ask them nicely to stop. If they don't i would kick them. If they keep cursing i would temp ban them for 10 minutes. and if they still curse I would tell the moderators or administrators.
How Would You Handle Someone Younger Then You:I would treat them nicely and make sure they know how to use the warps and other commands.
How Much Time Can You Contribute Every Day:2-4 hours.
How Long Are You Usually On Daily:around 6:30-12:00 est.
Why Do You Want Helper: I play on this server every day and it's my favorite PvP server. I would love to help moderate chat and keep it a friendly environment for everyone.  
Do You Have Skype:Yes
Do You Have A Microphone:Yes
Can You Record:Yes
Any Thing Else You Think We Need To Know: If I don't get chosen I will still be on the server the same amount of time.

Pigly Wigly

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Pigly Wigly Application Empty Re: Pigly Wigly Application

Post by Teague_ on Tue Aug 18, 2015 7:07 pm


Please PM an Admin Your Skype Information

If An Admin Does Not Receive Your Skype Information Within 24 Hours You Will Not Accepted Or Receiving Tags.

Congrats and Welcome To The Staff Team!

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