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Post by Bennypla7z on Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:52 pm

Title Of Application; {IGN} - Application Benpla7z Application

IGN: Benpla7z
Time Zone: Pacific
How Long Have You Played MC: 1 year
How Long Have You Played CorruptPvP: Since it Started
How Would You Handle Someone Who Keeps Cursing: First i'll give them a warning than if he doesn't stop, I will kick him and if he Keeps on doing it temp ban him for 10 mins than mail a mod if he does it again.
How Would You Handle Someone Younger Then You: First To be Nice to them. Next show him around the server so he will get where everything is and than if they don't know how to pvp are who the staff are i will tell them and give them tips and tricks.
How Much Time Can You Contribute Every Day: 5-6 Hours a Day
How Long Are You Usually On Daily: 5-6 Hours a Day
Why Do You Want Helper: Well i was a helper before than other stuff happened and I am on the server alot and i have had experience Helper before so I know where everything is and I could help other people like where to go or where to pvp and I'm Very Active on the server so that could make me a Good Helper.
Do You Have Skype (Yes Or No Don't Give Skype. If Accepted an Admin Will Ask You For Your Skype): No
Do You Have A Microphone: No
Can You Record: No
Age: 11 yrs old
Any Thing Else You Think We Need To Know: If i don't get accept i would still be active alot and would just be a regular member instead of a Helper.


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